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Our In-House Leads...

We have been in the mailing and mail order business for the last 15 years operating multiple successful programs.  We have access to and worked with some of the best and most productive networkers out there.  We are excited to now be able to share these contacts with you!  Access to these prospects are priceless and will help ensure the success you have been looking for!  


The first step in filling your mailbox with orders is to get your mail delivered to the most responsive prospects.  If your mail is not opened, it is wasted!  Our list are people actively looking for new opportunities.  The second step is to making money in this industry. You need these prospects to open your mail and actually buy into your program!  If your offer can produce a profit for them, they will buy!  We can be an effective part of your marketing and sales plan.  We thrive on providing high quality leads.  A good mailing list is key to your success in the mail order business!


We offer quality names at excellent prices.  Our names are printed with laser quality peel and stick labels with no codes and other numbers on the label, as some companies do.  We are extremely confident in our list!  In fact, so much that we have a no nonsense guarantee.  Any nixies will be refunded at 60 cents each and a replacement of 5 new names.  Order our leads today and watch your business start to succeed!   


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